Waldorf Kids
Waldorf dolls originated in Germany back in 1919 as an educational doll for children. They were first designed as very simple dolls, with minimal or no facial expressions, made from natural materials like wool and/or cotton. 

They have grown in popularity since the 1980's and have become more like an art form, with very creative faces and outfits being created by doll makers all over the world. 

I've always thought they were adorable!

I decided to create a pattern of my own, following the traditional European technique, with a twist! I have not used wool stuffing, as it's not available in my area of Michigan, but have chosen a natural cotton stuffing made in Michigan instead. I've used craft velour for the skin rather than knit fabrics and used a variety of yarns for the hair, including wool blends, angora blends and acrylic yarns. Since I already offer Karens Kids with embroidered eyes, I thought it'd be fun to try something new, so I've used beads for the eyes..

I've not only sewn the eyes in with double thick quilting thread, but I also added glue to the back of each eye, so they are doubly secure.. 

Waldorf dolls come in a lot of sizes, but since I offer Karens Kids in 16" and 20", I decided to make these 18" tall...

Each doll comes with everything shown in their pictures, incuding lace undies like the ones pictured below. 

They are available for instant purchase and cost $69.00 each.. 
Each doll is a one of a kind, and will not be recreated again. 
​Clicking on a picture will take you to that dolls personal page, where you'll be able to see lots of pics along with their shopping cart buttons.. 

Meaning of her name:
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Meaning of her name:
The Hidden One
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Meaning of her name:
Like a Bird
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Meaning of her name:
Victory of the People
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Meaning of her name:
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Meaning of her name:
Willow Farm
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Inspired by the popular Waldorf Dolls from Germany
A new batch of Waldorf Dolls are being added and will be available soon...